Supreme Court busy - Make sure you are geared up for your course

The Supreme Court has been especially busy lately.


The Supreme Court has been especially busy lately what with the appeal against the government's intention to trigger Art 50 Gina Miller v Secretary of State for exiting the EU 2016 (see also Article 50 Brexit Appeal - The Supreme Court) and the term-time holiday case as well as its normal case-load. These cases and other high profile disputes highlight the growing importance of the Court and its judicial independence.  You may also be expected to comment on other legal systems which allows the executive, in the form of the president, being able to put forward appointees of judges to their Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court is such a legal system but there are other countries and these include Brazil and Russia. As always this activity will produce even more reading and note making for law students.


Bearing in mind we are at the beginning of a new year you should have sorted out your computing needs for your law course by now. Law courses are known for producing notes, research on the internet as well as writing essays. Being a student you may also want to store photos, make presentations, watch films as well as play the odd game. So if this means a new notebook to meet your requirements don't put things off any longer.


The following scored well for courses:

Lenovo ideapad 110 15.6-inch 4 GB notebook

Lenovo ideapad 110 15.6 inch 8 GB notebook

Lenovo z50 15.6 inch hd laptop

Dell inspiron 15 3000 series 15.6 inch laptop

You may also need to think about accessories such as a wireless laptop mouse, memory stick and, if your serious about producing work at home, a reliable all-one-printer. Anti-virus software is also a must these days.



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Supreme court busy - make sure you are geared up for your course

The Supreme Court has been especially busy lately.

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