Contract Law

One of seven optional Units towards your BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law.

All parties involved in a contract need to know the exact terms of that contract, so that their rights and obligations are clearly understood.

Learners will consider the rules governing contracts from formation through to completion. On the issue of formation, learners need to know exactly when a contract and its obligations become legal. Often one party believes there is a contract when there isn’t, and vice versa. Sometimes one party to the contract will make incorrect statements about the subject matter. These statements may be a misrepresentation which could give rise to remedies including ending the contract. The law on misrepresentation is explored through the unit together with an outline of other matters that might make a contract voidable or void.

Every contract has terms. These may be expressly agreed by the parties to the contract or may be implied by law. It is central to the unit that learners understand the meaning of terms in a contract. This is done by examining the use of common terms such, as time for performance, rejection of goods supplied, price variation and reservation of title clauses. These need to be understood and their validity and effect examined.

Exclusion clauses that attempt to remove all (or some) liability for one party’s breach of contract are a common part of written contracts. However, such terms often have no legal effect as the law tries to balance freedom of contract with protection of the weaker party. Finally, discharge and remedies for breach56of contract are considered.


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Units and Topics

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