Understanding Law Making (Mandatory)

One of three mandatory Units which count towards your BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law.

The first part of the unit explores how law is made by the courts (precedent) and by Parliament (statutes/ acts of Parliament).

Learners will be introduced to the sources of law and the development of the common law through precedent. The emphasis concerning precedent will be to show learners that the law is not static but develops as society changes, and how important precedent is to lawyers in giving legal advice.

Learners will also look at the legislative process both domestic and European in the creation of legal rules. When a statutory legal rule has been enacted it often falls to the judiciary to apply it and learners will explore the mechanisms the judiciary use to interpret these legal rules.

In addition, the learner will be introduced to issues of sovereignty and the impact of the European Court of Justice. To develop this area, they should understand the concept of sovereignty, and how this is impinged upon by membership of the European Union, especially the role of the European Court of Justice.


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Units and Topics

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