English Legal System

One of the Specialist Units which count towards your BTEC Level 4 HNC in Business.

• Aim
The purpose of this unit is to provide learners with an understanding of the sources of English law, the courts and their personnel and the different legal business entities.
• Unit abstract
The unit looks at the English legal system in detail. It will develop learners’ understanding of the court structures, both civil and criminal. Court procedures, funding and legal personnel are evaluated, as are alternative methods of settling disputes.
The importance of the different sources of law, their development and interpretation are assessed and analysed. Finally, the unit considers the legal formalities required for the formation of the different business entities, their management and dissolution.
The unit seeks to enable learners to develop the ability to apply this understanding of the law in given situations.
• Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this unit a learner will:
1 Understand the court system and its alternatives
2 Understand the finance of representation
3 Be able to evaluate the different sources of law
4 Be able to select an appropriate legal entity.


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