A2 Contract Law Special Study G156

This unit is based on pre-released materials.

The final assessment opportunity these qualifications (H134,H534) will be summer 2018.  Resits will be available in summer 2019.


This unit is based on pre-released materials: a special study booklet sent out to centres at the beginning of the course, which provides a starting point for study of the topics set. Each booklet contains source material, such as extracts from judgements or Acts of Parliament or academic articles on a specific area(s) of the law of contract. In this way the source material will indicate the area(s) of substantive law that will be tested. Candidates are expected to demonstrate understanding of the area(s) of law and the development of law and to use legal methods and reasoning to analyse legal material, to select appropriate legal rules and to apply these in order to draw conclusions.

Candidates will be expected to draw together knowledge of legal processes and/or legal issues and make connections between these and the substantive law.

This unit is concerned only with the law applicable in England and Wales, which includes, as far as the chosen topics of study are concerned, the impact of European Union law on domestic law and legal institutions.

Candidates will be required to support their knowledge by citation of relevant leading cases and the main provisions of relevant statutes.

While candidates are encouraged to be aware of the changing nature of law, they are not required to be familiar with innovations coming into effect in the twelve months immediately preceding the examination.



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