AQA’s GCSE Law gives students an understanding of the role of law in today’s society.

• AQA’s GCSE Law gives students an understanding of the role of law in today’s society.In addition to helping students to acquire subject knowledge, studying law helps to develop skills of selection, analysis, critical thinking and decision making, and an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

• The strengths of the previous specification have been retained, but the breadth of content has been reduced and more choice has been introduced.

• The unitised structure gives candidates the flexibility to take components in separate examination series or to re-take part of the qualification.

• Teachers are encouraged to teach more than the minimum number of areas of substantive law, but the increased choice gives the opportunity to tailor the course according to the students’ ability and the time available to teach the course.

• The GCSE provides a broad foundation of both knowledge and skills for the continuing study of law at AS or A2, where certain areas can be studied in greater depth.

• Students who do not intend to carry on studying law will nevertheless gain skills and knowledge which can usefully be carried forward into other fields of study and the world of work.

Paper 1: The English Legal System

Summary of content:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Courts and Processes
  • People in the Law
  • Sources of English Law

Students must study all four topics.


Paper 2: Law in Action

Summary of content:

  • The Law of Tort
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Students must study at least two of the above areas, but should be encouraged to study more.

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