Consumer rights and responsibilities

This unit will count towards the OCR GCSE in Law and involves studying the following areas of the law.

This unit is based on some fundamental areas of knowledge and understanding of rights and responsibilities which exist for consumers.

Candidates are expected to have an appreciation of the basic contractual nature of the relationship but that regulation of consumer contracts is also affected by other areas of law, e.g. negligence. The unit also covers three specific aspects of consumer protection, contractual laws on buying goods and services, the regulation of unfair terms in consumer contracts, particularly those which exempt the seller/service provider from liability, and actions for compensation for losses caused by unsafe products.

Candidates are expected to be able to apply principles to factual situations and also to show a critical awareness. While candidates are encouraged to be aware of the changing nature of law, they are not required to be familiar with innovations coming into effect in the twelve months immediately preceding the examination.

Consumer rights and responsibilities
• Basic character of contracts and basic principles of negligence
• Buying goods and buying services
• Unfair terms in contracts
• Product liability and product safety


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