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Oath For Administrators - A sworn statement to establish the administrator's authority to act in the estate where there is no valid will.

Oath For Executors - A sworn statement to establish the executor's authority to act as executor.

Obiter Dicta - This simply means 'other things said' by the judge as part of his or her judgment.

Oblique Intent - The concept of oblique intent is sometimes referred to as foresight of consequences.

Obtaining Services Dishonestly - To obtain services for himself or another by a dishonest act, and if they are available, on payment having been made or that they might be.

Offer - A communication showing the terms on which the offeror will make the contract and the terms he will be bound by if the offeree accepts.

Offeree - The person to whom the offer is made.

Offeror - The person making the offer.

Office Copy Entries (Official Register Entries) - Official copies of the register of the property at the land registry.

Omission - Generally an omission can't form the basis of the actus reus of an offence, there are exceptions.

Orders In Council - The emergency powers act 1920 and the civil contingencies act 2004 authorise legislation to be introduced in this way.

Ordinary Legislative Procedure. - This is the main legislative procedure used to adopt directives & regulations in the european union.

Original Precedent - This arises as a result of a judge making a decision in a case in the absence of any precedent or law.

Overruling - Where a court decides that the legal ruling or reasoning in an earlier case was not correctly applied or is no longer appropriate.