Accident helpline scheme

Accident compensation helpline ltd is able to undertake regulated claims management activities.

Accident Compensation Helpline Ltd is regulated by the Ministry of Justice and is authorised to undertake regulated claims management activities under the provisions of the Compensation Act 2006.   The organisation is a member of the Claims Standards Council.

According to their website, see link below, they offer an expert service whereby you keep 100% of your compensation and pay absolutely nothing to claim i.e. 'No win no fee.'

No Win No Fee arrangements are sometimes known as Conditional Fee Arrangements and are said to take the risk out of making a claim. This is because if your claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay your solicitor a fee.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you could be liable to pay the other side's costs, but your solicitor will be able to arrange 'After Event' Insurance to cover this risk.

They also maintain that their claims process is simple and straightforward and that their service is free of charge.
The organisation offers free help and guidance with personal injury claims.

You can also submit claims online for a free claim assessment with no obligation. No Win No Fee | National Accident Helpline



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