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Bail - This term refers to the practice of releasing a defendant (or accused) from custody until their next appearance in court.

Bailiff - Bailiffs and enforcement officers are authorised by the courts to exercise certain powers.

Bankrupt - This amounts to insolvency i.e. Being unable to pay your creditors.

Bar Professional Training Course - The bptc (formerly known as the bar vocational course) is intended to cover the vocational stage in a barrister's training.

Barrister - A lawyer who is entitled to represent clients in all of the courts.

Battery - Battery is a summary criminal offence under s.39 of the criminal justice act 1988.

Beneficial Interest - The right of a party to some profit, distribution, or benefit from a contract or trust.

Beneficiary - Someone entitled or benefiting under a will.

Bequest - A gift of personal property (i.e. Jewellery, money).

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt - The jury must be satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty before they can reach such a verdict.

Bilateral Contract - A contract which involves each party in the negotiation of the terms.

Binding Precedent - This is a reference to a previous decision or case which must be followed.

Blackmail - An unwarranted demand with menaces.

Blameworthy - Behaviour which is wrong and unacceptable must be identified and the courts must punish those who are ‘blameworthy’.

Bona Fide - In good faith.

Bona Vacantia - According to the treasury solicitor "bona vacantia" literally means vacant goods.

Breach Of Contract - A breach of contract occurs when at least one party does not perform his or her obligations under the contract.

Break In The Chain Of Causation - When this occurs, the courts interpret this to mean that the accused’s conduct was not the cause of the harm or injury.

Brief - Solicitor's written instructions to counsel to appear at a hearing on behalf of a party.

Burden Of Proof - Principle of criminal law is that the accused is initially presumed innocent, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Burglary - Sec 9 of the theft act 1978 defines the offence of burglary.

Byelaws - Byelaws are a form of delegated or secondary legislation.