County court

County courts deal with civil cases and do not have jurisdiction to hear criminal cases.

There are County Courts in most major towns around the country. 

County courts hear most types of civil case.  The types of cases are as follows:

  • actions for the possession or recovery of land
  • claims for breach of contract and tort claims
  • disputes concerning partnerships, trusts and inheritance up to a value of £30,000

In the larger towns there are some county courts that have jurisdiction to hear matrimonial matters, bankruptcy cases and admiralty actions (subject to limits as to value) as well as matters under the Race Relations Act 1976.

The other court having jurisdiction to hear civil cases is the High Court.  County courts deal with much more business than the High Court.  The County Court can hear small claims, fast track and multi-track cases.

County Court Money Claims Centre.

The CCMCC was introduced on 19th March 2012, the service was put in place to provide an efficient and effective route for money claims in England and Wales. The CCMCC provides support to the County Courts and deals with all money claims. It is hoped to save money and improve efficiency as it will be based in one centre rather than the various county courts across the country.

The CCMCC's work will incude issuing, entry of judgment, acknowledgements of service, defences and processing completed allocation questionnaires. If judgment has been entered at the CCMCC it will go on to issue warrants of execution if necessary.

If the claim is defended the claim will be transferred to a local county court, until that time there will be a dedicated team available to answer queries by phone. All claims for money only are sent to the Business Centre at Salford.

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