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Damages - The award by court or prior mutual agreement for a breach of contract.

Dangerous Species - Animals not commonly domesticated in the uk and who, unless restricted, could cause severe damage.

De Bonis Non Administratis - Of goods not administered.

Deceased - A person who has died recently.

Decisions - Decisions usually relate to specific cases and are addressed to specific parties.

Decree - In recent times the word decree has been replaced and in general terms is referred to as a judgment.

Decree Absolute - A decree absolute legally ends a marriage leaving both parties free to marry.

Decree Nisi - A decree nisi can be applied for if neither party is defending the divorce petition. It is a conditional divorce.

Defamation - The publishing of a defamatory statement which refers to the claimant and has no lawful justification.

Delegated Legislation - Delegated legislation is also referred to as secondary legislation or subordinate legislation.

Deputy District Judge (Magistrates' Courts) - Deputy district judges (magistrates' courts) sit on a fee-paid basis in the magistrates' courts.

Deputy District Judge County Court - The jurisdiction of a deputy district judge is generally the same as that of a district judge.

Deputy High Court Judge - Deputy high court judges have the same qualifications criteria as high court judges.

Devise - A gift of real property (i.e. Land, house).

Diminished Responsibility - A special defence to a murder charge.

Direct Intent - Direct intent refers to an individual's aim or purpose.

Directives - Eu directives lay down certain end results to be achieved in every member state. No horizontal direct effect.

Discharge - A contract can be regarded as discharged when the contract and any obligations arising under the contract have ended.

Discretionary Sentence - These are used by the court when there is a choice regarding the imposition of a custodial sentence.

Dismissal - There may be a range of circumstances leading to dismissal.

Disposition - The disposal or allocation of property

Dissent - to disagree. A dissenting judge is one who does not agree with the majority of the other judges.

Dissolution - This is the term used to describe the end of a parliament.

Distinguishing - This is a way of avoiding having to follow a previous decision because the material facts are different.

District Judges (Magistrates' Courts) - They hear criminal cases, youth cases and some civil cases in the magistrates' court.

District Judges County Court - District judges deal with most of the civil and family cases in the county court.

Divisible Contract - A contract which contains agreements which can be separated one from the other.

Divisional Court (Queens Bench) - This term is used when the high court is sitting in its appeal capacity.

Doli Incapax - From latin - meaning 'incapable of evil'

Domiciled - This term is important as it means where an individual is living or residing.

Due Diligence Or No Negligence Defence - The law recognises that in some circumstances it is only fair to accept that the individual has done all that they can to avoid harm.

Duration Of Offer - There are various circumstances which will affect the length of time an offer lasts.

Duress - In english criminal law duress is a limited defence to criminal charges.