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Easement - This can amount to a legal interest in land.

Economic Duress - Economic duress refers to the pressure of economic threat towards the contracting parties.

Economic Reality Or Multiple Test - One of a number of tests developed by the courts to test the employee's status.

Either Way Offences - These offences fall into a category of offences that can be tried in the magistrates' court or the crown court.

Ejusdem Generis - This is one of the rules of language used by judges when determining the correct meaning of words.

Enabling Act - Enabling acts are parent acts which set out the framework of legislation.

Engrossment - Meaning a document prepared for signature (not a draft).

Enquiries Of Local Authority - This form is used by solicitors and licensed conveyancers in property transactions.

Equitable Remedies - Equitable remedies are discretionary. They are only awarded at the discretion of the court.

Estate - The total worth of property, personal effects and possessions when someone dies.

European Commission - The commission is composed of the college of commissioners of 28 members, including the president and vice-presidents.

European Court Of Justice - The european court of justice consists of one judge from each member state.

European Ombudsman - The european ombudsman is an independent and impartial body that holds the eu administration to account.

European Parliament - The members of the european parliament are elected by the electorate of each member country.

Euthanasia - The act of killing someone painlessly.

Ex Parte - Literally means without the other side.

Exchange Of Contracts - This is the formal process of exchanging contracts.

Exclusion Clause - A complete denial of a duty or responsibility within a contract.

Executor - Person responsible for administering a will (male form).

Executrix - Person responsible for administering a will (female form).

Exemption Clause - A clause in a contract to deny or limit the obligations within.

Express Consent - Express consent exists when verbal or written contractual agreement occurs.

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius - An act only applies to the items in a list of words, if it is not followed by general words.

Extrinsic Aids - These are aids to interpretation which are outside of or not part of the act.