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Factual Causation - Causation can be proved either through factual or legal causation.

Fair Comment - The former defence of fair comment was about the right to express opinions.

Fair Trial - Everyone should have the right to a fair trial, they should not be denied that right because they're suspected of having committed a crime.

Fast Track - Fast track claims are for claims between ten thousand and twenty five thousand pounds. Legal representation is advisable.

Felonies - Until the criminal law act 1967 and the coming into force of sec 1, felonies were treated as serious offences.

Ferae Naturae - From the latin, meaning 'of a wild nature or disposition'.

Filibuster - A word used to describe the practice of talking for a long time to delay voting on a bill in parliament.

Final Written Warning - Final written warnings are appropriate for serious misconduct or failure to respond to earlier warnings.

First Reading - The formal introduction of a bill in the house of commons or the house of lords.

Fixed-Term Parliament - The fixed-term parliaments act 2011 provides for five year fixed term parliaments.

Force Majeure - Force majeure is a term used in agreements and, literally translated from the french, means "superior forces".

Foresight Of Consequences - The term foresight of consequences is interchangeable with the term oblique intent.

Fraser Guidelines And Gillick Competency - The fraser guidelines apply specifically to contraceptive advice to children under 16.

Fraud By False Representation - To dishonestly make a false representation intending gain for himself or another and loss to another.

Free Vote - A free vote is used when mps and members of the house of lords vote on issues of conscience.

Freedom Of Contract - The doctrine that people should be able to agree terms themselves without the courts having to intervene.

Freehold - This is a legal interest in land or property.

Frustrated Contract - Where a contract ends through no fault of either party to the contract.

Frustration - A concept which allows both parties to be released from performance of their contractual obligations.