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Implied Consent - Implied consent would exist if you take part in a contact sport where the rules of the sport allow contact.

Inchoate Offences - Inchoate meaning “not yet completed or undeveloped.” inchoate offences refer to crimes which have not yet been completed.

Incumbrance - This arises where someone else has an interest in land.

Indemnity Clause - A clause agreeing that one party will repay expenses in the event of a loss arising from the contract.

Indictable Offences - These are more serious offences and are dealt with in the crown court.

Indictment - A document formally setting out the charges against the defendant.

Inferior Judges - There are important differences between different types of judges.

Inheritance - What you expect to inherit when someone dies.

Inheritance Tax - This is the name given to the tax which has to be paid on an estate following someone's death.

Inland Revenue Account - The purpose of this account is to show that the person responsible has either paid inheritance tax or that none is payable.

Innocent Agent - Someone who has been used by the principal offender to carry out the criminal act but who is completely innocent.

Innocent Dissemination - Seeks to protect individuals or organisations such as printers or distributors who may be caught up in an action in tort for defamation.

Innominate Term - Terms of a contract that are also referred to as intermediate terms.

Insanity - The accused can raise insanity as a defence when he is suffering from mental disturbance or impairment.

Integration Or Organisation Test - One of a number of tests developed by the courts to test the employee's status.

Intention - Intention amounts to the individual’s aim or purpose or decision to bring about a particular consequence.

Interpretation Clause - A clause in a written document that defines words and phrases used in the document itself.

Intestacy - When someone dies without making a valid will.

Intoxication - The law on intoxication applies not just to drinks but also to drugs and solvents.

Intrinsic Aids - These are matters within the act itself which the court may look at when considering the meaning of the statute.

Introductory Text - A term used to denote the text elements at the top of an item of legislation.

Invitation To Treat - The first stage in which one party invites the other to make an offer.

Involuntary Manslaughter - Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought.

Issue - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.