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Joint Enterprise - When an offence is committed by one of several people but it is not possible to prove which one of them actually carried out the actus reus.

Joint Principals - In criminal law there is a possibility that more than one person is directly responsible for the actus reus.

Joint Select Committee On Statutory Instruments - The joint select committee on statutory instruments has particular responsibilities for scrutinising s.i.s.

Judicial Appointments Commission - The new judicial appointments commission has a wider membership consisting of 15 members with powers to select applicants.

Judicial Precedent - Judicial precedent is the process whereby the past decisions of judges create law for future judges to follow.

Judicial Review - A means whereby a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.

Judiciary - All judges, when they are sworn in, must take two oaths/affirmations.

Jury Or Juries - Juries are seen as playing an important role in our legal system.

Jury Qualifications - To be eligible for jury service there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled.

Jury Selection - A jury consists of 12 people chosen at random from a group of more than 12 people brought into court to form the ‘jury in waiting’.

Justices Of The Peace - Alternatively known as magistrates.

Justices Of The Supreme Court - These are the judges for the highest court in the united kingdom.