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Laches - Delay.

Law Centres - Law centres - helping to solve everyday problems.

Law Centres Federation - The law centres federation is the voice of law centres.

Law Reform Committee - This was created in 1952 and is a part time organisation.

Lay Magistrates - There are about 30,000 lay magistrates sitting as part-time judges in the magistrates’ courts.

Lay Off - A lay off is if you are told to stay at home for one full working day as there is not enough work for you to do.

Leapfrogging The Court Of Appeal - Following the decision of the divisional court a further appeal is possible to the supreme court.

Lease - Legal document giving creating and giving effect to a leasehold interest.

Leasehold - This is an interest in land or property.

Legacy - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Legal Aid Agency - The legal aid agency provides civil and criminal legal aid and advice in england and wales.

Legal Executives - Legal executives work as assistants in solicitors' firms.

Legal Intent - Contract Law - Intent in contract law refers to having the intention to form a legal contract.

Legal Ombudsman - The legal ombudsman has been set up by the office for legal complaints under the legal services act 2007.

Legal Services Board - The legal services board is responsible for supervising the regulation of lawyers in england and wales.

Legal Services Complaints Commissioner - The commissioner was able to investigate and make recommendations about complaints against solicitors. This post is now closed.

Letters Of Administration - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Libel - Libel is defamation in a permanent form.

Life Interest - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Limitation Clause - A clause which limits the duties and responsibilities of a party under a contract.

Literal Rule - The literal rule involves applying the ’plain, ordinary literal meaning’ of words – even if this could lead to a manifest absurdity.

Long Title - The ‘long title’ sets out the purposes of the act.

Lord Chief Justice - This is the name given to the judge who presides over the queen's bench division of the high court.

Lords Of Appeal In Ordinary - Also known as law lords, they sat in the house of lords until the supreme court opened in october 2009.

Loss Of Control, Formerly Provocation - If adequate loss of control is established, a murder charge may be reduced to manslaughter.