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M'Naghten'S Rules - The m'naghten rules of 1843 established the rules on insanity.

Magistrate - Magistrates are sometimes known as justices of the peace.

Magistrates Court - The magistrates' court is the starting point for almost all criminal cases.

Main Clauses In A Will - These are the main clauses that a legal practitioner would expect to find in a will.

Making Off Without Payment. - Disappearing: leaving in a way that makes it difficult for the debtor to be traced.

Malice Aforethought - The mens rea for the offence of murder is ‘malice aforethought’.

Malicious Falsehood - This is an actionable tort sometimes referred to as injurious falsehood.

Malicious Wounding Or Gbh Under S.18 - Where the defendant wounds or causes grievous bodily harm to the victim by any means.

Malicious Wounding Or Gbh Under S.20 - Arises when someone unlawfully and maliciously wounds or inflicts any grievous harm with or without a weapon or instrument.

Mandatory Sentence - Used by the court when a particular sentence is to be imposed.

Mansuetae Naturae - Refers to animals which are naturally tame, domesticated animals.

Marginal Notes - Notes in the margin of an act of parliament.

Mckenzie Friend - A mckenzie friend refers to a layman who can sit with a 'litigant in person' to help him conduct the case.

Mediation - The attempt to settle a legal dispute through active participation of a third party.

Mens Rea - Often referred to as the 'guilty mind'.

Mens Rea For Secondary Participation - There must be an intention by the secondary party to 'aid, abet, counsel or procure' the commission of the main offence.

Method Of Acceptance - Should the offeror state that acceptance must be by a specific method, only that method or an equally effective one can be used.

Minimum Sentence - The court has a specified minimum length of sentence which must be imposed.

Minor - This is a term used in wills and probate.

Mischief Rule - The mischief rule looks at the gap in the previous law and puts a meaning on the words 'to advance the remedy'

Misdemeanours - Until the criminal law act 1967 and the coming into force of sec 1, misdemeanours were treated as minor offences

Misrepresentation - If someone is misrepresentating something then the person is representing something incorrectly.

Mistake - In contract law a mistake or error may affect the validity of a contract.

Mode Of Trial Hearing - The mode of trial hearing is held in the magistrates’ court to decide if the case is tried at the magistrates’ court or the crown court.

More Than Merely Preparatory - More than merely preparatory means that the defendant must have gone further than just the preparatory act.

Mortgage - Relationship between a landowner and a money lender.

Motive - Motive is the reason for doing something.

Multi Track - The multi-track is generally for claims in excess of £25,000.

Mutual Mistake - Where each party to the contract makes different assumptions regarding the situation.