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Parent Act - Parent acts are enabling acts which set out the framework of legislation.

Partial Performance - The completion or provision of a part of the agreement either party of a contract has agreed.

Pecuniary - From latin pecuniarius, "of, or pertaining to money"

Penalty Clause - An agreement in a contract to pay a sum of money if there is a breach of contract.

Per Incuriam - Meaning 'through carelessness or lack of care' including without regard to appropriate statutory provision or binding precedent.

Per Stirpes - This is a term that can arise when a beneficiary predeceases a testator or a testatrix.

Performance - A contract is discharged or is at an end when the parties have performed all the terms of the contract.

Personal Chattels - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Personal Representative - A term used in wills and probate matters.

Persuasive Precedent - A previous decision which does not have to be followed by the judge in a later case.

Petitioner - The petitioner is the person presenting the action.

Ping-Pong - The movement of amendments to bills between the house of commons and the house of lords if there are disagreements about legislation.

Plea - A statement in which the accused says in court that he or she is guilty or not guilty of a crime.

Plea And Case Management Hearing - This is always heard at crown court and is the first hearing after committal.

Plea Before Venue - "plea before venue" was aimed at reducing the number of cases magistrates felt it necessary to send to the crown court.

Police Dispersal Power - A preventative power allowing an officer to deal instantly with someone’s anti-social behaviour and stopping it before it escalates.

Police Search Of Premises Of An Arrested Person. - Sec 32 of the police and criminal evidence act 1984 sets out the conditions for this.

Police Search Of Premises With Consent. - The police are able to search your premises if you have given them permission to do so.

Police Search Of Premises With Warrant. - The police must comply with the procedural rules set out in police and criminal evidence act 1984 section 15 and 16.

Preamble - Words appearing near the beginning of an act after the long title.

Precedent - Judicial precedent is the process whereby the past decisions of judges create law for future judges to follow.

Predecease - To die before the testator/testatrix

Predecessor - The word predecessor is derived from the french predecesseor for 'forebear'.

Presumption - Contract Law - A presumption is something that is expected to be taken as the truth.

Prima Facie - A latin phrase meaning 'first sight'.

Principal Offender - A principal is one who carries out the substantive offence he performs the conduct element of the offence with the required fault element.

Private Bills - Private bills are usually promoted by organisations, like local authorities or private companies.

Private Members' Bills - Private members' bills can be introduced in either house and must go through the same stages as public bills.

Private Nuisance - The continuous, unlawful and indirect interference with the use or enjoyment of land, or of some right over or in connection with it.

Privity Of Contract - The relationship between the two parties to a contract that confers a right to take action on that contract.

Pro Bono - If you do not qualify for free legal aid, it may be possible to arrange for a solicitor to act for you.

Probate Or Letters Of Administration - These are terms used in wills and probate matters.

Probate Registry - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Procuring - Examples might include the person who 'spikes' a driver's drink with alcohol knowing he may drive later and endanger lives.

Promisee - The promisee is the person for whose benefit the promise is made.

Promisor - This refers to the person who makes the promise.

Proportionality - The principle of proportionality is laid down in article 5 - lisbon treaty on european union.

Prorogation - Prorogation marks the end of the parliamentary session.

Proving The Will - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Public Bills - Public bills tend to be general in nature and affect everyone.

Public Nuisance - Public nuisance is wider in its application than private nuisance.

Public Spaces Protection Order - Orders to ensure the law-abiding majority can make use of and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour.

Puisne Judge - Puisne judges, also known as high court judges, sit in the high court.

Pupillage - Trainee barristers must complete a period of pupillage meaning supervision by a supervising barrister.

Purchaser Or Buyer - A term used in legal work arising out of the sale and purchase of property.

Purdah - Used to describe the period of time immediately before elections or referendums.

Purposive Approach - Under this rule judges are attempting to identify what they believe parliament meant to achieve.