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Uberrimae Fidei - Latin for 'utmost good faith'.

Ultimus Haeres - A latin phrase meaning 'last or ultimate heir'.

Ultra Vires - Meaning to go beyond the powers that were granted by parliament under the enabling act.

Undue Influence - Undue influence is a ground for challenging the validity of a will or other document in court.

Unenforceable Contracts - Are those contracts which are valid but are unenforceable.

Unfit To Plead - the term does not just cover the issue of the defendant being fit to enter a plea but also if he has the capacity to undergo a trial.

Unilateral Contract - A contract which involves one party setting out the terms.

Unintentional Defamation - Operates as a response to an action in defamation where the defendant is unaware of the defamatory nature of remarks made.

Unlawful Act/Constructive Manslaughter - unlawful act manslaughter is also referred to as constructive manslaughter. The death must be caused by an unlawful act.

Unliquidated Damages - This means that the amount or quantum of the damages claimed is yet to be determined.

Unregistered Land - Land which is not registered at hm land registry.