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Vendor (Or Seller) - A term used in legal work arising out of the sale and purchase of property i.e. Conveyancing.

Verbal Warning - Verbal warnings are appropriate for minor misconduct.

Verdict - The trial judge, when explaining what is required of the jury, will direct them that a unanimous decision is needed.

Vicarious Liability - This arises most commonly in the context of wrongs or torts committed by employees.

Victim - A victim is defined as "a person who has complained of the commission of an offence against themselves or their property".

Violent Disorder - The offence may be committed in a public or private place.

Void Or Void Ab Initio - Not legally binding.

Voidable - It is important to be able to distinguish between contracts which are void and contracts which are voidable.

Volenti Non Fit Injuria - Assumption of risk - the defence to a tort claim if what has happened to the plaintiff is something he should have reasonably expected.

Voluntary Manslaughter - Defendant has the mens rea of murder or the intention to kill or cause gbh, but extenuating circumstances may reduce his blameworthiness.