Introduction To Family Law (West Legal Studies Series) [Paperback]

[N.R. Gallo] | 500 pages.

Published by Delmar Cengage Learning on 10 April 2004.

Product Description

Readers will find this fictional storyline approach to the study of family law to be a refreshing change. Legal theory, pertinent briefs, and practical exhibits in each chapter mingle with the experiences of a fictional character, Susan, who is a recent graduate in her first paralegal job. Readers are drawn in by the challenges, rewards and humor of a typical family law practice as Susan admirably fulfills her role as interviewer, researcher, writer, and motion and pleadings preparer. They get a flavor for legal trends across the country as cases have been carefully selected from various states. The Ethics Alert feature points to the very real and serious situations that paralegals and attorneys can face. Chapter summaries, review questions, key terms, industry resource lists and valuable online resources assist the reader in better understanding and retaining the wealth of material presented.

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