Lay People In The Legal System - Ocr: Unit G151 - English Legal System

[Mr Richard Priestley] | 303 pages.

Published by Kindle edition on 19 March 2012.

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CHAPTER 1. MAGISTRATES - APPOINTMENT AND TRAINING - Introduces lay magistrates and lays out their qualification, selection, appointment and training.

CHAPTER 2. MAGISTRATES - ROLE AND POWERS - Lays out the role and powers of magistrates.

CHAPTER 3. MAGISTRATES - EVALUATION, COURT CLERKS AND DISTRICT JUDGES (MAGISTRATES’ COURTS) - Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using lay magistrates in the criminal courts; outlines the role of the court clerk; and introduces the District Judge.

CHAPTER 4. JURIES - Lays out the remit and role of jurors; their qualification, selection and role; and ends with the trial and verdict.

CHAPTER 5. JURIES - EVALUATION - Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using juries in the criminal courts.

NOTE The edited judgments of all cited cases in these chapters are laid out in an appendix.

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