Criminal Law (Cengage Advantage Books) (Ring-Bound)

[Joel Samaha] | 250 pages.

Published by Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc on 31 Dec. 2009.

Table of Contents

1. First Things First: The Nature and Limits of Criminal Law.

2. Constitutional Limits on Criminal Law.

3. The General Principles of Criminal Liability: Actus Rea.

4. The General Principles of Criminal Liability: Mens Rea, Concurrence, and Causation.

5. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Justifications.

6. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Excuses.

7. Parties to Crime and Vicarious Liability.

8. Inchoate Crimes: Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation.

9. Crimes Against Persons I: Criminal Homicide.

10. Crimes Against Persons II: Criminal Sexual Conduct, Bodily Injury, and Personal Restraint.

11. Crimes Against Property.

12. Crimes Against Public Order and Morals.

13. Crimes Against the State.

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