Criminal Law (Palgrave Macmillan Law Masters) (Paperback)

[Jonathan Herring] | 480 pages.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan on 13 March 2009.

An elegant and succinct exposition of the criminal law, written without sacrificing erudition but remaining approachable and unintimidating in size, language and price. Clearly illustrates the principles underlying criminal law, thus paving the way for further study and insights into the subject. This book is well set-out and clearly structured, providing a good introduction to the major themes. It is supported throughout with judiciously employed pedagogic techniques, including 'Key Words', 'Case Notes', 'Summaries' and 'Exercises' to expertly rehearse the key concepts and reinforce understanding 'Hot Topics' sections highlight areas of debate or particular interest, enlivening the criminal law for today's student with relevant examples and conundrums.
Brought completely up-to-date with the latest developments in criminal law, including the Fraud Act 2006, important reports by the Law Commission on homicides and accessories, as well as case law resulting from the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and the House of Lords decision in R v Kennedy on causation.Students taking compulsory modules on Criminal Law as part of undergraduate or GDL/CPE law courses at institutions in England and Wales; Students in Northern Ireland and students taking an English Law course in Scotland (at Dundee); All those professionals and students of other disciplines requiring an understanding of the basic principles and concepts underlying Criminal Law; The book has been found useful by Police Officers requiring an accessible and clearly stated analysis of the Law; The previous edition also sold well in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Jamaica and stock was taken by accounts in Ethiopia, Russia and Ukraine.
This text provides a readable, comprehensive and accessible introduction to criminal law, supported by features throughout to help the student appreciate the key themes and major legal authorities within this area. Compact yet sufficiently comprehensive to support undergraduate study of this subject, and written in a fresh, lucid style.

"'Palgrave Law Masters Series has an excellent reputation for providing fantastic introductory texts. The fifth edition of Criminal Law by Jonathan Herring continues in that vein by providing an excellent introductory text on criminal law. Criminal Law is separated into five parts: basic principles of criminal liability; offences against the person; offences against property; defences and participation in crime. Each chapter adopts a similar approach by providing small manageable sections followed by hot topics, summaries, case notes and further reading. These extract sections (over and above the commentary) are excellent features.

Jonathan Herring has, impressively, ensured the material remains clear and easy to read. By doing so, he allows the reader to quickly understand the important parts of an offence which the prosecution needs to prove. The reader can then turn to the defences part to consider potential arguments for the defence. Fortunately, the case notes (where appropriate) explain the finer issues which are commonly overlooked in introductory texts. Criminal Law is another excellent text from the Palgrave Law Masters series. It is extremely readable for any reader. It also provides excellent value for money and allows the reader to quickly understand the basic principles of criminal law whilst being alerted to the wider issues' - Student Law Journal; Review of 5th edition"

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