Criminal Law (Paperback) (5Th Ed)

[Tony Storey, Alan Lidbury] | 480 pages.

Published by Willan Publishing on 17 Sept. 2007.

This textbook covers the Criminal Law option of the A-level law syllabus, and provides an ideal introduction for anybody coming to the subject for the first time. 

Criminal Law covers all A-level syllabuses/specification requirements, and is written by the principal examiner and principal assistant examiner in Criminal Law for one of the major examination boards. It contains extensive case illustration, and a range of examination related questions and activities. There is a special focus on key skills, and on the new synoptic assessment syllabus requirements. 

This fully updated third edition builds upon the success of the first two editions.


  • provides coverage of OCR and AQA specifications
  • is endorsed by OCR for use with the Criminal Law option
  • includes new OCR synoptic assessment source materials (for use in examinations in June 2005) with additional guidance
  • discusses new legislation and cases including Sexual Offences Act 2003, Andrews, Bollom, G and R, Rowland, Safi and others, Weller, Z.  

About the Author

Alan Lidbury is the Principal Examiner of A-level Law, UK. Tony Storey is the Principal Assistant Examiner of A-level Law, UK.

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