Criminal Law: Text, Cases And Materials (Text Cases & Materials)

[Jonathan Herring] | 968 pages.

Published by OUP Oxford on 14 April 2016.

Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers deft legal coverage and analysis alongside expertly selected extracts from key cases and academic sources.

The effective two-part structure of each chapter in the book - the first part explaining the law as it is, the second examining the theoretical aspects - ensures that readers not only gain a secure understanding of the law itself but also acquire a fundamental appreciation of the surrounding philosophical and ethical debates. Important theoretical material is made accessible to students through a particularly engaging writing style. The author's clarity of expression brings the subject to life and places the law in context.

This text is an essential and complete resource for all those wanting to get to grips with the fascinating and sometimes challenging area of criminal law.

Online Resource Centre
This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, offering updates to the law following publication, useful web links, and guidance on answering questions in the book. An introductory video from the author outlines how to make the most of the text during your studies.

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