Employment Law (Paperback) (2Nd Ed)

[John Duddington] | 453 pages.

Published by Longman on 19 July 2007.

“Presented in a user-friendly style, this book is an invaluable tool for all students of employment law. It provides excellent discussion of key areas of the current law.” Jane Johnson, Senior Lecturer, CoventryUniversity.

Employment Law is a thought-provoking account of employment law suitable for students approaching the subject for the first time. Legal principles are introduced in the political, social and economic context in which they operate, while statistics and examples are used to relate the law further to the world in which employment law functions.

From the Back Cover Employment Law Second Edition John Duddington

An increased amount of case law and academic discussion in this edition ensures that Employment Law is entirely suitable for the LLB.

The second edition provides:

  • Explanation of the fundamental areas of the law, including the employment relationship, employment contracts, hours of work and pay, discrimination, health and safety at work and termination of employment
  • Coverage of individual and collective labour relations law
  • Specimen examination questions with answer guidelines on the Companion Website

New to this edition

  • Coverage of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005; the Equality Act 2006; the Employment (Age) Regulations 2006; the Work and Families Act 2006; the new TUPE Regulations 2006; case law on the interpretation of the Employment Act (2002) (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004; recent case law on bonus payments to employees and the developing law relating to agency workers
  • More in-depth discussion of policy issues and the problem areas within employment law 
  • Increased coverage of the law in other jurisdictions such as labour law in the USA
  • ‘Law in context’ boxes highlight particularly controversial areas of the law or where there could be reform
  • A Companion Website hosts multiple choice questions, regular legal updates, exam questions with suggested answer guidance and guided web links

John Duddington is Head of the Law School at Worcester College of Technology and an employment law specialist.  He is also the author of Essentials of Equity and Trusts (Longman).


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