English Legal System In Context 6E

[Fiona Cownie, Anthony Bradney, Mandy Burton] | 428 pages.

Published by OUP Oxford on 15 Sept. 2013.

English Legal System in Context takes a unique and highly praised analytical approach to the subject of the English Legal System. Frequent examples are incorporated throughout the text, illustrating the link between theory and practice, while the concise and engaging style enables students to have an excellent understanding of the subject as a whole.

A wide range of traditional core areas are covered in the text, such as the courts, case law, legal professionals and civil and criminal proceedings. However, the authors also discuss areas such as the role of private policing and the work of non-police agencies, giving students a balanced overview of the subject area. Additionally, the text provides a wealth of references for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the legal system.

With a clear and logical structure, this perceptive and wide ranging text provides a unique introduction to the English Legal System.

About the Author
Fiona Cownie is Professor of Law at the University of Keele. She was formerly HK Bevan Professor of Law at the University of Hull. A former Vice-Chair of the Socio-Legal Studies Association, and Past President of the European Law Faculties Association, she is an expert in legal eduction, and is well known for her work in socio-legal studies. She is currently President of the Society of Legal Scholars.

Anthony Bradney is Professor of Law at the University of Keele. He was formerly Professor of Law at the University of Sheffield and the University of Leicester. He was Vice-Chair of the Socio-Legal Studies Association, Executive Committee member of the Society of Legal Scholars, and is editor of the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues. Bradney has published widely in the areas of law and religion, law and popular culture, legal pluralism, and legal education.

Mandy Burton is Lecturer in Law at the University of Leicester. She specialises in criminal justice and family law. She has completed numerous empirical socio-legal studies, including projects commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service, Department for Constitutional Affairs, the Home Office and The Legal Services Commission.

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