The English Legal System (Kelly) (Paperback)

[David Kelly, Gary Slapper] | 712 pages.

Published by Routledge-Cavendish on 27 April 2009.

Slapper & Kelly’s The English Legal System assists students in the achievement of a good understanding of the law, its institutions and processes and sets the law and system in a social context, presenting a range of critical views.

In recent years, changes to the English legal system have been extensive and the tenth edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to take these developments into account. This new edition for 2009-10 includes material on important changes to the criminal justice system, statutory interpretation, the judiciary, changes in the fields of the legal professions, and changes in the funding of legal services. This edition also includes an updated version of the court system, the rules of civil procedure, and revised chapters on criminal procedure.

Now accompanied by online support for the acquisition and improvement of legal skills, The English Legal System has been developed with the requirements of both lecturers and students in mind.

Key pedagogical features include:

  • concise chapter summaries to enable students to recap and reflect upon the key points covered within each chapter
  • diagrams and flowcharts to illustrate concepts and facilitate the understanding of concepts and interrelationships
  • advice on further reading and suggested web sites of interest at the end of each chapter, to encourage further study and independent research

The companion website offers:

  • lecturer resources such as PowerPoint slides; and sample essay / exam questions for lecturer use and adaptation; and links to current events / news topics with suggestions on themes for seminar discussions and essay questions
  • a set of skills-led student resources including advice on technique and skills acquisition; how-to's and guidance on best practice; practical interactive exercises and activities; podcasts; an online glossary; and a bank of Multiple Choice Questions to test English Legal System knowledge

Slapper and Kelly's textbook is firmly established as one of the leading undergraduate textbooks on the subject. A favourite with students and lecturers alike, it is essential reading for all those engaged in the study of the English legal system.

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