Environmental Law, Policy, And Economics: Reclaiming The Environmental Agenda

[Nicholas A. Ashford, Charles C. Caldart] | 1088 pages.

Published by The MIT Press on 06 June 2008.

"This treatise offers an engaging text for the serious student of public policy who wants to understand environmental policy design from a technical, legal, and economic perspective. The analysis offers a penetratingly critical review of current policies and how we developed them, insightfully analyzing what works and what does not. Focused on chemical hazards, pollution, and industrial organization, the book addresses the fragmented, media-specific statutes with a fresh, innovation-driven technology approach that presents a positive, integrated, and solution-oriented vision for the next wave of policy development."
--Ken Geiser, Ph.D., Director, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and Founding Director of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Product Description
This book traces important legal, economic, and scientific developments in the environmental field through an examination of environmental law cases and commentaries by leading scholars, focusing on pollution prevention and control and emphasizing the evaluation, design, and use of the law to stimulate technological change and industrial transformation.
The past twentyfive years have seen a significant evolution in environmental policy, with new environmental legislation and substantive amendments to earlier laws, significant advances in environmental science, and changes in the treatment of science (and scientific uncertainty) by the courts. This book offers a detailed discussion of the important issues in environmental law, policy, and economics, tracing their development over the past few decades through an examination of environmental law cases and commentaries by leading scholars.
The authors focus on pollution, addressing both pollution control and prevention, but also emphasize the evaluation, design, and use of the law to stimulate technical change and industrial transformation, arguing that there is a need to address broader issues of sustainable development. 
" Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics", which grew out of courses taught by the authors at MIT, treats the traditional topics covered in most classes in environmental law and policy, including common law and administrative law concepts and the primary federal legislation. But it goes beyond these to address topics not often found in a single volume: the information-based obligations of industry, enforcement of environmental law, market-based and voluntary alternatives to traditional regulation, risk assessment, environmental economics, and technological innovation and diffusion. Countering arguments found in other texts that government should play a reduced role in environmental protection, this book argues that clear, stringent legal requirements - coupled with flexible means for meeting them - and meaningful stakeholder participation are necessary for bringing about environmental improvements and technological transformations.

About the Author
Nicholas A. Ashford is Professor of Technology and Director of the Technology and Law Program at MIT. Charles C. Caldart is Director of Litigation of the National Environmental Law Center and a Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. Ashford and Caldart are the authors of Technology, Law, and the Working Environment.

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