Equity And Trusts (Textbook) (Hardcover)

[Michael Haley, Lara Mcmurty, Raymond Davern, Jeffrey W. Price, A.J. Shipwright] | 566 pages.

Published by Sweet & Maxwell on 01 Sept. 2006.

Provides students with a clear and current picture of the law of trusts and equity placing the subject in its modern context.

Combines in depth commentary with critical analysis to give students more than just a guide to the law.

Mirrors the structure of a traditional trusts and equity course for ease of use during studies.

Contains practical illustrations to show how the law operates.

Gives examples to aid understanding of the more complex and technical area.

Contains a glossary of key terms at the back of the work.

Offers a short guide to further reading at the end of each chapter should students wish to study further.

About the Author
Professor Michael Haley is Professor of Law at Keele University.

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