Everything You Wanted To Know About Practising Family Law (Paperback)

[Elissa Da Costa] | 242 pages.

Published by Routledge-Cavendish on 02 Dec. 2004.

'For a trainee in a family seat, this is a godsend. Whilst it won't tell you the answer to pernickety piece of research, it will guide you through the most common aspects fo working in a family law team. There is a clear emphasis on highlighting the skills needed and there is a step-by-step practical approach to dealing with various applications and proceedings.
Covering domestic violence, private children matters, ancillary relief and co habitation disputes, it avoids getting bogged down in case-law and statuatory interpretation. The tone is concise and to the point, with worked examples where needed. This will most benefit those in practise already.'

tgsLIFE! Spring 2005

Product Description
This book provides trainees and newly qualified solicitors with a first aid kit for dealing with the most common aspects of work in a busy family department, including domestic violence, private children matters, ancillary relief applications and cohabitation disputes.

About the Author
Elissa Da Costa, LLM, is a Barrister practising exclusively in family law, specialising in matrimonial finance and cohabitation claims. She has created the Family Law Electives on the College of Law Professional Skills Course and continues to deliver courses for the Continuing Professional Development of Solicitors.

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