Family Law And Practice (Paperback)

[Nancy Duffield, Jacqueline Kempton, Christa Sabine] | 500 pages.

Published by College of Law Publishing on 15 Dec. 2008.

Family law is a dynamic subject that is constantly changing and provides a challenge to everyone involved with it. Family Law and Practice offers a clear picture of the practical considerations that arise when advising in a divorce case. It sets out the divorce procedure, explains the financial implications of divorce and includes advice on ensuring that clients receive the money that they are owed.

The books also outlines the principles governing the care and protection of children, the remedies available for victims of domestic abuse and the public funding regime in family cases. The new edition has been updated to cover all recent developments including the reforms to housing benefit and the Child Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008. It introduces the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007 and the new procedure for care proceedings under the Public Law Outline. The chapter on funding has been updated to include the new fixed fee scheme.
The book is fully up to date with new case law including Currey v Currey on payment of fees using maintenance pending suit and Kehoe v UK on enforcement of child support payments. Contents The Family Practice Funding Divorce Law and Procedure Ancillary Finance: The Law Tax on Marriage Breakdown Welfare and Local Authority Housing Calculating Child Maintenance Maintenance for a Spouse Dealing with the Capital Assets Ancillary Finance Procedure Enforcement, Appeals, Setting Aside and Variation Pre-Marital Agreements and Separation Agreements Children Children: Public Law Domestic Abuse The Cohabiting Family Legislation Court Forms

About the Author
Nancy Duffield is a Senior Lecturer at The College of Law in London. Jacqueline Kempton practised as a family law solicitor and is a member of Resolution's Skills and Support Committee. She is now an Associate Professor at The College of Law in London. Christa Sabine practised as a family law solicitor and is now a Senior Lecturer at The College of Law in London.

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