An Introduction To Family Law (Clarendon Law Series) (Paperback)

[Gillian Douglas] | 256 pages.

Published by OUP Oxford on 07 Oct. 2004.

Gillian Douglas examines family law in England and Wales within a broad social context. The book explores how the law regulates family life, beginning with a discussion of the main social changes and influences on family law in modern society. It then examines which family relationships are legally recognised and the legal consequences that flow from recognition and non-recognition.
Family Law provides a detailed account of how children's interests are viewed and protected in family law, and concludes with a consideration of how the law handles the ending of family relationships. Throughout, the book draws out the linkages between different aspects of the subject and its relationship with other areas of the law and with other disciplines.
Gillian Douglas also takes full account of the influence of international law, particularly human rights law under the newly incorporated European Convention on Human Rights.

About the Author
Gillian Douglas is Professor of law at Cardiff University and is widely recognised as a leading authority on family law, a subject on which she has written extensively. She is also the joint case comments editor of the journal Family Law and case commentaries editor of the Child and Family Law Quarterly.


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