The Provision Of Legal Services - Ocr: Unit G151 - English Legal System (Ocr As/A2 2012) [Kindle Edition]

[Mr Richard Priestley] | 36 pages.

Published by E-law student on 19 March 2012.


CHAPTER 1. GOVERNMENT FUNDING - CIVIL AND FAMILY LEGAL AID - Traces the history of legal aid; introduces civil and family legal aid: its cost; administration (Community Legal Service); range; providers; and eligibility.

CHAPTER 2. GOVERNMENT FUNDING - CRIMINAL LEGAL AID - Introduces the Criminal Defence Service; its cost; the range of legally aided schemes; and the procurement of criminal legal aid.

CHAPTER 3. ADVICE AGENCIES - Introduces and discusses the complete range of Not For Profit agencies: Citizens’ Advice Bureaux; Advice UK; the Law Centres Federation; and specialist agencies.

CHAPTER 4. ROLE OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION - Discusses the role of the legal profession in delivering access to justice; the Jackson Report; conditional fee agreements and associated problems: ATE insurance premiums; success fees; claims management companies and referral fees. Pro bono work.

CHAPTER 5. EVALUATION - THE FUTURE - Lays out a number of concerns on the provision of legal aid: its breadth, funding, geographical representation and quality. Introduces the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill and considers its effects.