The Silk Head (The Silk Tales Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

[John Burton] | 360 pages.

Published by Kindle on 14 April 2014.

The Silk Head is the second title in The Silk Tales series and continues the story of David Brant QC, a criminal barrister, a Queen’s Counsel, practising in London. After an unexpected phone call from his ex-wife, David is instructed in a murder trial, representing a brave and badly injured London Fireman who is charged with stabbing his lover to death.

As David gets to grips with the case he reaches the inescapable conclusion that the prosecution has a strong, albeit, circumstantial case against his client! The story begins with the police investigation and unfolds fully in the court-room, where David must use all his experience and knowledge to cross-examine experienced experts and try to persuade an attentive jury that the only right verdict is Not Guilty!

As the trial progresses, developments in David’s Chambers bring unexpected romance and a significant shift in politics and power when the Head of Chambers falls seriously ill. Members of his chambers feel that only David is capable of leading them out of rough waters ahead, but with a full professional and personal life, David is not so sure whether he wants to take on the role of The Silk Head.

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