Smith And Keenan'S Company Law (Paperback)

[Ms Josephine Bisacre, Dr Stuart Weinstein, Dr Charles Wild] | 640 pages.

Published by Longman on 25 June 2009.

Smith and Keenan’s Company Law, Scottish edition is well known for its clear and reliable presentation of the core topics within company law, making it the first choice for those new to the subject or studying it as part of a business related degree.

From the Back Cover

"The user-friendly approach coupled with the level of detail covered make *Smith and Keenan's Company Law* an excellent companion for all students of company law, whether taking college or university courses in law, accountancy or business ...the clear layout and accessible writing style *of S&K's Company Law make* an intimidating subject very approachable. The inclusion of a Scottish Supplement makes the book an ideal choice for students who are studying or intend to practice in Scotland." Brian Pillans, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Smith and Keenan's Company Law is a clear, comprehensive and practical guide to company law ideal for those seeking to understand how company law works in real life context. Authoritative and yet accessible, the new edition has been revised and rewritten to fully incorporate the Companies Act 2006 and provides a suitably detailed guide for undergraduates studying the subject for the first time.

Retaining the straight-forward, easy to understand written style of previous editions, the new author team have incorporated a number of important changes in the fourteenth edition:

o       Increased coverage of the constitution of the company in line with the 2006 Act

o       A new chapter on The Statutory Derivative Action

o       More detailed discussion of Minority Shareholder Protection

o       Greater consideration of company accounts and the auditing process

o       In-depth coverage of Insolvency law

o       Reworked introductory chapters give a clearer overview of the subject to start study

o       Revised and updated essay and objective mode questions at the end of each chapter

Presented in a fresh colour design, the many headings guide your progress through the subject while learning features such as case summaries, chapter maps and end of chapter questions aid understanding and allow you to test how much you have learnt as you go along.

A clear cross reference appendix brings this new edition fully up to date with Scots Law.

Charles Wild (PhD, MBA) is Head of the Law School and the Centre for International Law at the University of Hertfordshire. He teaches Company and Business law to LLB and non-law students, undertakes postgraduate research supervision and is widely published in the area.

Stuart Weinstein (JD, MBA) is Associate Head (Professional) of the Law School at the University of Hertfordshire and is also a practicing solicitor/attorney with over twenty years practice experience in the US, UK and Korea. He regularly teaches accountants and non-lawyers in the UK and on overseas programmes throughout the world.

Josephine Bisacre is a solicitor and Lecturer in Business Law in the School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University.

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