Tort Law (Paperback) (Annotated Edition)

[Kirsty Horsey, Erika Rackley] | 680 pages.

Published by OUP Oxford on 21 July 2011.

Tort Law provides a different approach to the study of tort. Written with students firmly in mind, it presents an engaging and accessible yet thought-provoking and critical account. Its analytical approach locates the law in its political and socio-legal context, exploring both practical and theoretical problems. The book's innovative use of pedagogical features (including 'pause for reflection' boxes and 'counterpoint' boxes) encourages students to engage with debates about the way tort law currently is and how it could be. Case boxes reflect the case-driven nature of tort, ensuring students are clear about the black-letter law.

Chapter-opening problem questions are used to place the law in its practical context and to illustrate how to apply the theory. Annotated versions of the problem questions are placed at the back of the book to give students pointers on how to answer them, and outline answers are housed on the book's accompanying Online Resource Centre.

Tort Law also provides diagrams and tables where relevant, chapter summaries, end-of-chapter questions, and annotated lists of further reading. The authors' conversational and lively writing style engages students in the study of this essential subject.

The book will benefit anyone seeking a fresh and stimulating account of tort law and is essential reading for students studying tort at degree level or for the CPE/GDL.

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