Understanding Family Law (Paperback)

[Michael Freeman] | 578 pages.

Published by Sweet & Maxwell on 31 Oct. 2007.

Understanding Family Law presents a succinct but intellectually challenging overview of family law. The work approaches the subject in a number of ways historically, comparatively, philosophically and ethically. Understanding Family Law covers a range of issues such as assisted reproduction, civil partnership and gay marriage, children s rights, violence and abuse, equality issues, fathers concerns, the elderly, freedom and consent, and the impact on the medically assisted.

Concepts such as rights, responsibilities, welfare, protection, equality and parentage are examined, as well as the impact of cultural pluralism, and the importance of feminism, religion and secularism. The role social services, paediatrics and the police play is also considered. All key legislation and case law is covered, including European Jurisprudence and the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child.

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