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Delegated legislation is controlled by Parliament itself and by judges. Explain judicial controls on delegated legislation.

SIs are a form of legislation, often drafted by the legal office of the Government Department concerned, allowing the provisions of an Act of Parliament to be brought into force or altered without Parliament passing a new Act.

Describe and illustrate the different methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution available to deal with civil cases.

There is a range of different methods of resolving disputes without going to court. These alternative methods are referred to as ‘ADR’

Describe original precedent and overruling using the Source and other cases to illustrate your answer.

Original Precedent arises if the point of law in a case has never been considered before.

Describe the availability of funding for civil disputes including conditional fee agreements.

To help decide who qualifies for legal aid there are three things to consider. They are the scope of the case, the merits of the case and the person's financial eligibility or means to pay.

Describe the law-making process in Parliament.

Laws are made in Parliament and draft laws are called Bills. Bills pass through many stages of consultation and discussion before becoming a law, this is an important part of the democratic law-making process.