Describe and illustrate the tort of assault

An assault is a tort as well as a crime. An assault may be defined as intentionally and directly causing the victim to fear an apparent and imminent battery.

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This essay provides a wide ranging description of the tort of assault covering a number of matters and starting with a definition.

The essay then considers a variety of aspects which have received the consideration of the courts including: certain key elements; contact; an act intended to cause apprehension; words and gestures; 'silence' and the issue of immediacy.

A number of relevant cases are referred to in context and these include: R v Meade and Belt (1832); Constanza (1997); Read v Coker (1853); R v Burstow and R v Ireland (1997); Turberville v Savage (1669); Smith v CC of Woking (1983) and Southwark LBC v Williams (1971).

The work also includes consideration of the defences of necessity, consent and self defence.

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