Describe the court's use of hansard, using the source and other cases to illustrate your answer.

Hansard is a record of what is discussed in Parliament. It includes votes, written ministerial statements and written answers to parliamentary questions. Published on a daily basis, it covers debates from the previous day.

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Hansard as a publication is explained. It is described as an external aid and its' use since its approval in Pepper v Hart (1993) which overruled Davis v Johnson (1979) is outlined and illustrated.

The following cases are set out in context:

  • R v Deegan (1998);
  • Davis v Johnson (1979);
  • Pepper v Hart (1993);
  • R v Registrar General, ex parte Smith (1991);
  • Three Rivers District Council v Bank of England (1996).

The limitations laid down in Pepper v Hart (1993) regarding the use of Hansard are also set out.



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