Describe the various sources of legal advice

There are a number of sources of legal advice available to someone with problems involving civil law. Examples might include consumer problems, contractual disputes, housing problems and debt management.

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This essay looks at the various sources of legal advice available to someone with a problem involving civil law. The various sources include solicitors, Community Legal Service, The Law Society, Accident Help Line, fixed fee interviews, Citizens Advice Bureau, Law Centres, charities such as Age Concern in respect of the elderly and Shelter in respect of housing matters, the solicitors' pro bono group (i.e. LawWorks), Trade Unions, large insurance companies, motoring organisations such as the AA and RAC, claim companies and consumer organisations and websites such as Just Ask.

Civil law includes consumer problems, disputes arising under contracts and housing as well as the management of debt.

This question area is a common examination area for A/S Law examinations. It is not necessarily a technical topic but more practical in nature. It does not require familiarity with a range of cases.




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