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Conveyancing terminology

A brief explanation of conveyancing terms.

Describe mediation as a method of ADR.

Mediation is more than just negotiation it works out your issues, your options and hopefully an agreement.

Different methods of resolving disputes without going to court.

There is a range of different methods of resolving disputes without going to court. These alternative methods are referred to as ‘ADR’ i.e. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Different Types of Legal work

This activity sheet is about different types of legal work.

Explanatory note regarding letter to client about the signing of the contract (with examples)

If the contract is to be sent to the client/s for signature, some care needs to be taken over including appropriate instructions in the letter.

Legislative Processes

This Activity will help you find out about the stages that a Bill goes through once it has been introduced in Parliament.

Role of Barristers

This comprehensive activity sheet is about the role of barristers.

Role of Judges

This activity is about finding out more about the judiciary.

Role of Magistrates

There are over 30,000 lay magistrates who are also known as Justices of the Peace (JP).

The advantages and disadvantages of using ADR (an evaluation).

The problems associated with court proceedings in civil cases are well documented. Lord Woolf, in his report Access to Justice (1996), was highly critical of the civil justice system at that time.

Wills and probate - processes

This describes what is involved at various key stages when dealing with wills and probate.

Wills and probate - terminology

It helps to know the meaning of key words used in connection with wills and probate.


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